Growing Like Gold

Looking for the latest in floor length skirts and fur coats? Or maybe just a trip down memory lane- for those of you that remember back that far. With 70s and other inspired and vintage clothing, and top new brands like Wildfox and American gold; I went crazy, looking through pages and pages of amazing pieces. Get them while they last! In addition, the site, 'Spanish Moss', has an artistic magazine, and blogs of up and coming artists who have purchased or worked with the company's clothing. You better schedule a free Sunday afternoon before clicking the link.


Urban Outfittters:

Want to see what Urban Outfitters thought of the new indie bands of last year? Or maybe you're a bit behind. Well if so you can find those "new" bands and find out what you think.

Next Mountair Concert

The next group of information is from a flyer for MOUNTAIR.

"Coyote of American Zen is retiring from music. 
Please come support him at his final performance.
It would mean a lot to him."

MOUNTAIR presents...


-The King's Minstrels (Doctor Zoo and Brother Joel)

-Our Unconscious Minds (Ryan Rivera Montez from Maraca Mouths)


Doors at 6:30pm
Music at 7:00pm SHARP
Show ends at 9:00pm

Feel free to contact John if you have any questions:

MOUNTAIR music community

Want a new music experience? Check out Mountair, the garage of a twenty-something guy who invites various friends and acquaintances to play indie music for a small crowd. He sometimes has random events such as indie films, minature food parties, and sound effect presentations. I have gone a few times and even played there myself. It's different but definately fun.

Space 15 Twenty

Costumes from Spike Jones's "Where the Wild Things Are" are on display. A 12, 690 sq ft. Urban Outfitters store? Monthly Flea Markets and a large book emporium? What could be bettter? 
This is the place to go.

1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Monthly Flea Market Sunday, April 18th 11am-4pm

Nylon TV:

If you want to see an interview of Bat for Lashes by Nylon TV (created by Nylon Mag) the podcasts are free on iTunes. Also a great way to find other budding artists. Also found on YouTube.


LOVE ▲❍▼❏

Check out this new clothing line. 'Love is Real'. Enough said.


Two Suns

NATASHA KHAN (aka Bat for Lashes) is amazing. fact. both of her cds are amazing, and videos as well.  She is mind blasting! ahem, yes mind blasting...


California Select Vintage and More: by American Apparel

For those of you who would rather have vintage things brought to you rather than digging through barrels in thrift stores for hours on end, this is the place for you. Located in Echo Park, this thrilling shop, which I have not yet visited but hope to do so soon, is fantastic.