Urban Outfittters:

Want to see what Urban Outfitters thought of the new indie bands of last year? Or maybe you're a bit behind. Well if so you can find those "new" bands and find out what you think.

Next Mountair Concert

The next group of information is from a flyer for MOUNTAIR.

"Coyote of American Zen is retiring from music. 
Please come support him at his final performance.
It would mean a lot to him."

MOUNTAIR presents...


-The King's Minstrels (Doctor Zoo and Brother Joel)

-Our Unconscious Minds (Ryan Rivera Montez from Maraca Mouths)


Doors at 6:30pm
Music at 7:00pm SHARP
Show ends at 9:00pm

Feel free to contact John if you have any questions:

MOUNTAIR music community

Want a new music experience? Check out Mountair, the garage of a twenty-something guy who invites various friends and acquaintances to play indie music for a small crowd. He sometimes has random events such as indie films, minature food parties, and sound effect presentations. I have gone a few times and even played there myself. It's different but definately fun.

Space 15 Twenty

Costumes from Spike Jones's "Where the Wild Things Are" are on display. A 12, 690 sq ft. Urban Outfitters store? Monthly Flea Markets and a large book emporium? What could be bettter? 
This is the place to go.

1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Monthly Flea Market Sunday, April 18th 11am-4pm

Nylon TV:

If you want to see an interview of Bat for Lashes by Nylon TV (created by Nylon Mag) the podcasts are free on iTunes. Also a great way to find other budding artists. Also found on YouTube.